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About Us

Capulet Realty is a Michigan-based full-service real estate agency, providing specialized services in Washtenaw County. We have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years now, ensuring that anyone requiring a home for sale, lease, rent, or purchase gets the best deal.


At Capulet Realty, our mission is to make home-buying worry-free and straightforward. We make it easy to purchase a home, even for first time home buyers. Many of our properties are available on land contract terms with no loan fees.

Make Informed Decisions

Whether you're selling your home or searching for a home to buy or rent, know that you're in the best of hands. Our home inspectors provide you with detailed inspections for you to make well-informed decisions. Home buying can be stressful, and it should not be done without assessing the hidden damages or concerns that can plague a home. We will help you with all the information about your prospective home.