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We Offer Expert Real Estate Services in Washtenaw County

Simple & Stress-free Homebuying

Capulet Realty helps with buying, selling, renting, financing, and renovating homes in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Our experts have provided reliable and trusted services for over 20 years in the real estate industry.

With You in Every Step of
Your Journey

We have a different approach to buying and selling homes. From making the home-buying process stress-free to delivering you complete inspections, we work to help you have a worry-free experience. Our team will be with you in every step of the home-buying process, including financing, repairs, and elimination of fees. We will also help you overcome hassles and legal struggles.

Simplified Home Buying

At Capulet Realty, we simplify the home buying process to help you find the home that suits your needs, without any hassles. With more than two decades of experience in the metro area, we will find you great houses for every budget. We not only offer real estate services but also provide warranty for any work we perform on the home.

Our realtors and financial experts will walk you through every step of the home-buying process.